Miyerkules, Hunyo 20, 2012

Tell Me

a poem for Kuya Deo

Tell me, is it the first time
When our eyes stared
at each other as if we wanted
To get out of our clothes
Right then and there that night?

We could have worn
Each other's skin.
You could have fitted me well
Like a warm scarlet cape.
I can go out under the starlight,
Bloody red like that little riding girl,
While you are the big bad wolf
In sheep's clothing,
Lying on the bed, waiting for me.

I will not give in to you easily
But I will make you chase me,
Dazed and hungry across
This shadow-streaked path,
Where nothing exists but us
And nothing ever blooms
Without your breath.
I will not give in to you easily
But know from the start that
You have already caught me
When you first smiled at me.

I am already yours that moment.
But I will make you run after me
So that we can surrender
To each other with the grace
Of predator and prey.
I want to tumble down with you
And make love without thinking
If is this is right or if this is wrong.

Tell me,
Do you like to see me in full bloom?
When all that you can do
Is hold me close
And whisper "I love you"
In the most secret parts
Of my body: My lips
Is a good place to start.
Maybe you will adore me more
If it is my nakedness you admire,
Covering my native form
The way tattoos cover
Your brain with my name.

Tell me when to tell the sun
That he can have a day off,
So you can finally see
And feel the warmth
I hold dear within me.
I will shine brighter
Than the luminosity
Of this fervor inside my heart.

Tell me, lover of the music and the stars,
Tell me when to start this madness
Or when to end this folly.

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