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The Doctor Who Loves Semen

I wrote this story after my first visit to the derma in the hospital I go to. I met a spectacularly handsome young dermatologist whom I would just call Dr. M.A. who checked my skin. He concluded I had dermatitis and recommended some lotion. He is so yummy that I memorized his name in order to find him in Facebook later. I even pretended I had something on my groin area. He took me to the examination room and asked me to pull down my underwear and he checked it. 

I think he noticed I was really hungry for him and I think he liked the attention. He kept smiling throughout the consultation and I was feeling so horny and brave that I simply kept looking at him straight to his eyes as we talk because I would like him to read my desire. I enjoyed my visit a lot and I look forward to concocting false dermatological symptoms so that my beloved Dr. M.A. would examine me further.


Merwynn detested going to the doctors. He loathed the method the waiting rooms smelled like formaldehyde. He hated the rude nurses and the many insurance forms and the invasive procedures. There were many things that Merwynn disliked about his annual checkup, but of all his reasons, the very worst was that Dr. Mikhail Acosta was a cambion. 
A cambion is the child of a human and an incubus and they need semen and milk to stay young, beautiful and alive, kind of a vampire but they like white stuff instead. They can easily lead normal lives if they want but they really have voracious appetites for sex and they have the tendency to kill their partners because their bodies absorb too much energy and semen when they are penetrated. You will be lucky if you just lost consciousness and get into a coma for a week due to extreme lack of seminal fluids.
"The doctor will see you now," said the handsome nurse, after taking his blood pressure and checking his pulse to see if he was still alive. Merwynn was. 
"Are you sure?" asked Merwynn. "Because, you know, I wouldn't want to be a bother or anything. It's only a ruptured liver, slowly leaking its poisons into my insides. I don't mind the pain." 
The nurse smiled at him and Merwynn reflexively smiled back before realizing that the nurse is also a cambion with some semen still wet on his lips. That’s why he saw a patient going out of the clinic with a big smile on his face.
Quickly, Merwynn suppressed his smile and the nurse walked out, licking his lips like a whore in heat. Even Merwynn felt a pang of excitement watching him go. Cambions naturally attract all men. 
Thankfully, there was always a long waiting time at Dr. Mikhail Acosta's office, so Merwynn pulled out his lunch that he'd packed, oh so carefully, that morning. He had just unwrapped his meal of sisig and unscrewed his thermos lid when the door opened. Merwynn winced. The doctor had arrived. 
Dr. Mikhail Acosta looked the same as always. His hair was dark and messy and his eyebrows were thick enough that, if they were replaced with wooly caterpillars during the night, no one would notice. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of brown on the planet and, weird as it was, Merwynn suspected that the doctor used nail clippers on his eyelashes: there was something strangely 'trimmed' about them that bugged Merwynn immensely. Of course, it was needless to say that the doctor was extremely handsome and he was completely naked under his lab coat.
"And how are...." Dr. Mikhail Acosta trailed off, staring down at Merwynn's lunch he'd spread out on the examination table. 
"Um," said Merwynn, "is something wrong?"
"Why are you eating some sisig?" Dr. Mikhail Acosta asked. 
"No reason. It just sounded good." 
"And the fact that you're washing it down with...." Dr. Mikhail Acosta picked up the thermos and cautiously sniffed the contents. "....a cup of holy water?" 
Merwynn stared down at his hands. "Well, I thought it would go well with the sandwich."
"What?" Dr. Mikhail Acosta yelled. "Regular water suddenly isn't good enough for you? You have to use holy water?" 
"It sounded good! It's extra holy and it has alkalines!" Merwynn protested. 
"Hmpth," said Dr. Mikhail Acosta, crossing his arms irately. "I see what you're doing. A subtle form of intimidation, is it? I am not avampire or an aswang , my dear sir" Then a gleam came to his eye and he leaned in, staring at Merwynn with a knowing look. "Or are you one of those people who thinks that, just because I'm a cambion, I am a spawn of hell? No sir. Even martyrs and saints dedicated to celibacy will want to make love to such a beauty as I am." 
"No, no, of course not!" cried Merwynn. "I just don’t like the fact that you suck my cock after every examination!" 
"It’s the technical procedure," said Dr. Mikhail Acosta. "If you want to be healthy and your semen samples be fully analyzed and be ensured that they are the best quality, I have to do a taste test to know your sugar levels or if you have some other diseases or what. It’s all in the semen. It’s called semen prognosis. It’s a revolutionary trend now in medicine. They train us to suck good. It’s for your own good.." 
Merwynn sputtered and tried to argue, but somewhere inside himself he began to realize that Dr. Mikhail Acosta was correct. He likes it when the handsome doctor starts to kneel down and you know, put him in his mouth... After all, he’s beginning to feel gayer and gayer every time he checks up himself here, isn’t he? He could go to a vampire doctor or an aswang one or even a normal boring doctor but why Dr. Mikhail Acosta? Why?
Deeply ashamed of himself, he grabbed his sisig meal and threw it in the biohazard wastebasket. After pouring the holy water down the drain of the sink, Merwynn turned to the doctor and looked down at the floor in guilt.
"You're right, Dr. Mikhail Acosta. I'm sorry I was too biased. I was being prejudiced against you for drinking my semen, instead of judging you based on the quality of your character. Dr. Martin Luther King would be so ashamed of me." 
Trying to blink away the tears, Merwynn felt a pat on his shoulder. 
"That's okay, Merwynn. I forgive you." 
"Thanks, Dr. Mikhail Acosta," Merwynn said. "You're one heck of a guy." 
"Just call me Master and King of your Sex Dreams," Dr. Mikhail Acosta demurred. "Now, please pull down your pants and bend over so I can start your penile exam." 
"Hey, wait!" protested Merwynn. "I don't need one of those! My liver got ruptured this morning! That's why I made the appointment!" 
"Excuse me? Who is the doctor and who is the patient here?" inquired Dr. Mikhail Acosta, lifting a hairy eyebrow. "Or do you think you know better than someone with a PhD, just because you’re not a cambion?" 
Don't be too sensitive, yelled Merwynn's conscience. 
Sighing, he pulled down his pants and spread his legs open. To his surprise, his cock was erect and bursting with precome. 
“Oh no. Sucking won’t be enough for this case,” smiled the handsome doctor. He dropped his coat and placed himself against Merwynn, pushing his cock in his own ass in one slip. Merwynn groaned with extreme pleasure. They made love for an hour and when Merwynn was about to come, Dr. Acosta let out a huge moan as the semen spilled inside him. Then he quickly pulled himself away.
“Can’t stay too long. My body is hungering for your semen so much that I may kill you. But don’t worry everything’s fine. Your sugar levels are normal and still negative for STDS and HIV according to my anal taste buds.”
“Thank you so much.”
"By the way," said Dr. Mikhail Acosta as he poked and prodded, "I'll need you to suck me. For, uhm, research purposes. Cambion semen seems to have a lot of regenerative qualities like virgin coconut oil, only much more delicious, cheaper and available." 
He dropped his lab coat and a glorious cock (only the word glorious could describe it) announced its presence in front of Merwynn. 
“Research and medicinal purposes, right?” Merwynn said, his mouth dropping open as he gazed at the doctor's organ.
“Of course. Purely for scientific endeavors.”
Merwynn said no more. His mouth was filled. And some time later, also his ass.
He started loving going to the doctors. Especially to Dr. Mikhail Acosta.

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