Huwebes, Hunyo 14, 2012

Proudly me!

I seem like a typical boy but I am very different ways.
1. I am unique.
I have not found anyone who is like me. I am a person who is definitely out of this world and totally not mediocre. The traits that compose who I am are all very interesting, strange and a little weird, sort of like a Japanese food buffet.
2. I am a libertine.
I pride myself for being liberal-minded. I have views that not all people have, especially Filipinos who still tend to be very conservative. I go for freedom of speech, expression and whatever, as long as you feel you are not constrained, bound or dictated by anyone or anything. I love Lady Gaga and Madonna. I want to be a gay version of them if I can. I am open to things. i have my own views but then again, I am never closed to be influenced by others. I like to try a lot of things people usually raise their eyebrows to. I like to be called a whore, a slut, a debauched pervert. i do not really care. I know who I am and I know what I want. I am just expressing myself without fear.
3. I am cosmopolitan.
My personality is never Filipino. I am a true child of the universe. Of course, I love being Filipino but then again, I also love being European, American or whatever my mood makes me. I make a lot of friends from all parts of the world. I speak different languages. I read a lot of international authors. I study different cultures and societies. I follow beliefs from diferrent religions. Basically, I am global and I like to keep it that away. being open to the variety of the world made me better. 
4. I am a mirror.
I usually reflect the people around me. If I am with transgenders, I act like one. With girls, I do the same. With straight guys, I act like them. With gays or bis, I am also like them. I am like a cuttlefish who adapts to its surroundings with psychedelic colors to morose ones. I am very fluid and liquid. I take the shape of my container. I am easily contained but also, I can flow out fast. I can be a drop for you but I can also drown you in a flood.
5. I am an ME!
In summary, I am ME. I cannot explain it. There is no definition of who I am. I am forever changing and molting. That is the best way for me to live my life! I am both good and evil, positive and negative, beneficial and harmful. I am on the extreme ends of the scale. I am colored in 50 different shades of gray. 
That is who I am and that is the why it would always be.

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