Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

Reached 1000 views!

Thank you to all those who took the time to view my blog. Barely two weeks old, it already reached 1000 views today! Whoop whoop! It means that people out there are kind enough to peer into my blog.

Thanks also to all who sent me messages after reading my ramblings. With your support, I will always continue to write something worthwhile for all of you. I will continue sharing the my life, loves and lusts as an HIV positive young man in the Philippines.

I am so indebted to you all for inspiring me to continue writing. And I hope that you are all enjoying my blog. All I ask of you people is that if you enjoyed reading my blog, please comment on the posts you like so I would hear what you think of it. If possible, please share my blog to your friends, families or whoever you might think this blog would be relevant to. My goal is to make people see that living with HIV/AIDS is not always full of sadness and misery. it can also be happy and fulfilling too!

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