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Pisces Men in my Life


I actually don't believe in zodiac signs and horoscopes. I believe that we make our own destiny and the stars have nothing to do with our future at all. They are just there above, shining in the sky. What the hell would they care about us anyway?

But it all changed when I met Poy, my two-year boyfriend whom I met during my college years. He was a very interesting guy and he taught me a lot during our tempestuous relationship. He is interested with astronomy, pharmacology, technology, and other things that I have never found interesting before.

One of the things he taught me is to appreciate Zodiac signs. He would explain my behavior based on my sign, a Capricorn, and tell me about my personality and character. He would also justify himself in the same way. He is a Pisces and to be honest, he really embodies the description of a Pisces guy, as well as I found a lot of descriptions of Capricorn men in myself. There might be something true about Zodiac signs. But I also believe that if you read the descriptions of your sign, you may start embodying it, like a self-fulfilling prophecy of who you are.

PISCES AND CAPRICORN (from various sources)

In fact, Pisces and Capricorn are very compatible. According to some websites I searched, Pisces hass an excellent and harmonious match of imagination, vision and romantic nature with Capricorns ambitious and practical approach to life. This is likely to have been a quick and easy friendship prior to moving further. Pisces and Capricorn are on the same page and intrinsically trust and understand one another.

The down to earth Capricorn will ground the Pisces and provide practicality to the relationship, while Pisces will bring an idealistic and more emotional outlook and romance to them, both finding greater fulfillment in life thanks to the other. Capricorns are more ambitious, while Pisces men are more imaginative, intuitive, sensitive and empathetic, making for a solid and reliable team. Pisceans are more emotional than the Capricorn, however they're very patient, and will help with any insecurities, being so stable and loyal.

When it comes to sexual compatibility, Capricorn is drawn to Pisces smoldering sex appeal. There is something about outgoing Pisces that Capricorn secretly admires. Pisces is attracted to Capricorn subtle but powerful sex appeal. There will be an instant friendship and sexual relationship that will immediately follow.

Sexy Pisces will take Capricorn by surprise and he or she may want to skip work for a change. Capricorn will learn what it’s like to date the homecoming king/queen with Pisces. Pisces will provide emotional support and security during the highs and the lows and Capricorn needs this security in a relationship. Sex can only get better and the relationship could lead to marriage. If Capricorn plays mind games, Pisces will swim away. Pisces needs sexual satisfaction from any partner in love.

Additional Links which I found kinda accurate:

Anyway, after Poy, the other Pisces men in my life right now are Kuya Deo and Daddy Pat.

Kuya Deo is an HIV negative man, 25 years old, works somewhere in Ortigas in an advertising company.  I call him Kuya and he calls me his little boy. He is really attractive, with mestizo looks that exudes a subtle sexiness. He is the first guy whom I fell in love with after I discovered my HIV status. He is my first kiss as an HIV positive, a kiss that has an insurmountable impact on me especially since it came from a loving HIV negative man.

Daddy Pat is HIV positive, 29 years old, works in an online English tutorial school for Koreans. He is the opposite of Kuya Deo in looks. He is dark-skinned and is literally hot. He has a really sexy body with defined muscles and abs, something I go crazy for in a guy. He has the charms of an exotic sex god. He himself had been photographed a lot of times in very enticing poses and some of these were even included in an homoerotic coffee table book. We have not met yet (but we do talk on the phone a lot) but he is the poz guy whom I would consider being partners with.

I am pretty sure that after spending two years with Poy, I can easily handle my relationships with Kuya Deo and Daddy Pat well. Loving Poy has taught me a lot of things. Although not everything about us is perfect, I certainly can say that Poy is the greatest guy I have ever loved. He is the best and worst lover I ever knew. He brought me to heaven a lot of times and then he also delivered me to the depths of hell, and our love affair always seems to be in limbo, always gravitating towards either love or hate.

I noticed that all three of them share something in common that all Pisces men share. The three of them have a  very clever and sharp mind. All three of them are good conversationalist. I always enjoy listening to them. All three of them are very passionate and romantic. When Poy and I would make love, we were so at ease with each other and we really have great sex all the time. In fact, he can make me come without even touching my cock and just from pure fucking. Kuya Deo and Daddy Pat had never had sex with me yet but when we had phone sex a couple of times, they really knew what they were doing. They knew the right words to say or moan or cuss. They are totally dependable and I can trust them with my darkest secrets without fear of being rejected. I am very open to them and they tolerate all my insane and disturbing characteristics, although they would speak out their mind whenever they see something wrong or bad with me.

The three of them are all very good listeners. I love talking to them on the phone which may go on for hours. We make good conversations and we can always find something to talk about. I can tell them everything I want, especially my concerns and problems with life. They seem to always know what to do and how to tackle these things I am worrying about. If they want to be left alone, they really do not be disturbed. Closeness and togetherness is good for me and my beloved Piscean men, but I learned that I must let them have their moments of solitude. I must learn how to give them the space they desire and the heart will only grow fonder. I also noticed that the three of them are very sensitive and can get hurt very easily. They have very quick tempers, but the anger subsides as quickly as it comes. They always become cheerful again after a short while and act as if nothing happened.

I know that with the two of them, Daddy Pat and Kuya Deo, in my life, I am sure I can handle my life as an HIV positive boy. They are my mentors and my counselors in their own way, and loving both of them and feeling their care and attention towards me make the burden of this disease very light. Without them, I would certainly be lost. They are the men who make my life so much happier right now.

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