Lunes, Hunyo 18, 2012

I Dream of You

from Letters to Deo

I dream of you always and in my head, I am the one that you have always craved for. I long for those moments where I would be inside your embrace, your torso upon my torso while the prowess of your manhood stirs up a tempest that would ravage the tender cove between my legs. I want to endure pain for you, as well as explode in the pleasure of being with you.

For I am yours.

I am yours the moment you first kissed me. You branded my lips with your mark. As I tasted your sweet mouth, I felt the force of passion swirling from the abyss of my lonely soul and it welled up from the depths of oblivion, buoying me higher to a glimpse of paradise. You called forth the sleeping rapture dwelling within me, and I was awakened to a more lurid vision of hope and love. 

That I can still make reveries happen in real life. 

That I can still be beautiful in someone else's eyes. 

That I can still be loved despite the poison inside of me.

I am yours, my beloved. Although I can never say that you are mine.

All I really want is you. But I know I can never long to possess you the way I am already possessed with my obsession for you. Desiring you is madness and yet I would rather be called insane and brave than be sensible and a coward.

I still yearn to make miracles happen. It is already a miracle that I found someone like you in the misery of my sickness. Such a miracle should be enough for me but I have always been insatiable. I never knew when to stop wanting. I am still hoping that fantasy and reality are just one and same, reflections of each other, parallel universes converging between the two of us.

I want to tell you this. What if we defy the rules that have been set for us? Maybe if we take courage to destroy all the boundaries that exist between us, we have the power to create another world where nothing really matters but to love and be loved in return.

Will you start breaking those walls with me?

Tell me now, will you?

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