Huwebes, Hunyo 7, 2012

Phoning my Daddy

The safest and yet still very arousing sex is phone sex.

No risk of any transmission or infection.

I never was a fan of this before. I found this exercise to be boring and not worth my time. I’d rather go out there and be pumped full of come until I bleed out my guts, rather than indulge with someone on the other end of the line, moaning and saying dirty stuff.

However, due to my sudden curiosity to try everything (which was greatly induced by being sex-starved and cock-less because of my status), I ventured into trying this kind of intercourse.

As far as I could remember, it was Pat who devirginized my ears into this. He is an HIV + guy with a really hot body to boast. He could be one of the models featured in gay magazines or a porn actor. His looks were sultry and hot, exotic for he is kayumanggi and he seems to be oozing with sex appeal all the time. And that is all in his gorgeously taken pictures I saw in his Facebook. We haven’t met in person yet but still, I would love to be rammed by someone with a body as enticing as Pat’s. I would agree to be a slave to all his twisted desires.

He told me he had sex with more than 400 men in his twenty-seven years of existence. That’s pretty much a testament on how desirable he is. He tried almost everything from being versa, sadomasochism, gang bangs, and whatever. He was a slut, just like me. But now, he admits that after being positive, he stopped doing what he loves – sex. He was now more focused on meeting people that matter and not indulge in casual shallow encounters which was his way of life before.

I love Pat’s voice. It sounds manly and yet still tender and soft-spoken. It would help that he came from the Visayan region and he was also a graduate from a good university in the Philippines. He is smart, sweet and yummy – things I adore in a guy. We enjoyed talking to each other and found many similarities existing between us. I got horny so my lascivious nature activated. I lured him into having sex with me.

He was game for it. It was already very early in the morning but I found some energy to indulge in something twisted and erotic. We started telling each other what we were doing in whispery bed-time voices, giving details to compensate our lack of visual experience by making use of our active listening skills and our imagination. I felt so hot talking to him that I could not help but start touching myself. Hearing Pat’s voice next to my ear made my whole body shudder in anticipation. His personality changed. He talked like a sex maniac, saying swear words crisply and with ease and he told me what he was doing to me. I got my dildo and imagined him entering my ass. The feeling of the length of the dildo inside me shocked my wanton asshole that was hungry for cock and some action. I started riding the dildo, my muscles clenching around it in such a beautiful painful way as I listened to Pat’s moans and instructions. God, I missed dick! The experience felt like real sex because Pat and I were so intense and it really helped that something firm and long was lodged deep inside my hole, pleasuring my anal walls and sending torrents of ecstasy across my sex-starved body.

I got a really good orgasm. I came a lot and I found myself exhausted yet beaming with joy, the way I get whenever someone would fuck me real good. Pat was instantly back into his kind nature. I thanked him for this experience and I simply wanted more.

We had a repeat performance a few hours later, the afternoon of the same day. I did the same thing, which was to insert a dildo in my ass while Pat fucked me with his voice. Now, we had a little role play. He was my Daddy and I was his naughty son. I asked my Daddy to punish me because I did something wrong and my Daddy started fucking me because I was so so bad. I was moaning and crying in pain. I internalized this incestuous scenario in a Freudian way. I really felt like that misbehaving sex-addicted son who was getting meat from his own father. I begged for mercy, I begged for love, I begged my Daddy to punish me more. My orgasm was more explosive than the first. I was nearly in tears when my sperm started pouring out of my tumescent cock.

Using my imagination is really the best way for me now to have sex. My hand is always my trusted friend. I can still be promiscuous with as many men as I want and we would lose nothing but semen if we engage into these terrific phone sex sessions. A sort of intimate connection is created between me and my phone sex buddy. Like with Pat, our auditory copulation made me closer to him and I felt that when the time comes when we can actually meet each other in person, we would definitely blow each other’s minds.

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