Miyerkules, Hunyo 20, 2012


Touch me one more time.
Tell me you love me
Despite the fact that
I am getting ugly.

I do not need your pity
Just another kiss perhaps
Or the pleasure of offering you

The leftovers of the feast that was me
With no fears of contamination.
Death is too overrated.
Youth calls for another chance
Not to grow old and be weak.
The party of life is still on
And I want to be the deejay
And to give you a BJ
Against the wall, 
Upon the cold linoleum
I will let you sip

The fruit of my mouth
As I suckle your lithe tongue
While you leave your watermarks 

All over me.
Maybe I deserve this
Because I was too much of a whore
To possess my own heart.
Maybe, perhaps, by any chance
You might now forget

Or might want to forgetThe secret I told you
And you will make love to me

Regardless of the consequences.
I am waiting for you.
Come whenever you want me.

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