Linggo, Hunyo 10, 2012

Semen Art

I have always been someone who craves to be deviant and unique. I do not care if people would think I am strange, disturbing or perverted, as long as I can express myself with all the freedom in the world. I am not afraid to be hated or shunned. I dare others to have their own stand and rise from the mediocrity of the society.

Living in the Philippines is very hard for me because this society is too conservative even now. A person like me would never find solace here. A lot of people I meet say that I would be happier if I were in Europe or America, where individuality, freedom of expression and debauchery is celebrated and somehow respected.

I want to be a famous young contemporary artist here in our country. I want my artworks to gain reputation in the art scene, sort of a gay Ben Cab when it comes to erotic art. I have been trying so hard for my art to be unforgettable.

One of my most recent endeavors is to create an art form which I call Semen Art.

Yes. S-E-M-E-N - the bittersweet fluid that bursts out of men's cock during orgasm.

Semen is a very powerful material for me. As a lover, the act of ingesting the semen of a guy I like is tantamount to asking him to be a part of me. When I was younger (pre-HIV), I would allow men to fuck me bareback and let them come inside me because I looooove the feeling of the hot semen pumped inside my tender and sore innards. As a poet, semen is one of my most favorite images which I use a lot in my poetry. Semen represents for me sexual love - bittersweet, fluid and explosive.

Now as an artist, semen becomes an ultimate expression of my uniqueness and decadence.

I use my own semen in creating artworks. How? I usually masturbate and collect my own semen. This can be very personal with me because I would usually think of a guy while I am harvesting my seed for art. I get a piece of wooden board and prepare it in front of me. I pleasure myself in different ways and when I feel I am about to ejaculate, I direct my erect cock to the board and let my jizm spray all over it.

I actually discovered just now that an artist did the same method as me -

I do not claim I am the first but it should be noted that my creation of my semen art resulted from my bizarre character and sexual depravity after more than three months of no penetrative sex.

I love how my ejaculation creates unpredictable abstract images. They are my own personal and unique Rorschach ink blots. Perhaps, this desire to create art with this sexual matter was deeply Freudian and it is only apt that I pay tribute to the base desires of my id.

So guys, here are a couple of my semen artworks. These artworks only remain as pictures because I dispose the boards after I take pictures of them. Semen art can be considered as infectious waste. Plus, the semen used is from an HIV positive guy like me. There is something very Lovecraftian with them, reminiscent of Cthulhu, tentacles and the abyss. They remind me of squids, which is kind of ironic since I call myself Squid Kid.

Semen Art is an ephemeral art form. It is a personal statement to art and it truly represents a unique portrait of me. I will continue to do more of these art works and maybe, just maybe, I can have my own exhibition or do my own performance art where I would show the spectators the process of how I create Semen Art. I may be called an insane pornographic artist harlot, but do I really give a damn with what others would say?

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